Racking Guide

Teardrop•Most popular style manufactured in the US today.
•Simply slide beams into place with no clips or other fasteners.
•Vertically adjustable in 2” increments.
•Compatible with other old teardrop rack systems.
•Old Style manufacturers include but are not limited to Interlake, Mecalux, USP, Unarco, Auto-Lok, Speedrack, Kingway, Inca-Clymer, Excell, Base, Steelking, Cardinal, and Boston




Interlake newstyle•Patented beam-to-frame construction provides maximum reliability and rigidity.
•Locking system offers protection against damage, tampering, and accidental disengagement.
•Compatible with some old style and other new style systems.
•Vertically adjustable in 2” increments





Ridge u rak

•Patented beam-to-column connection with rigidity approaching that of a weld.
•Broad capacity selection.
•Vertically adjustable in 4” increments






SpeedRack•Seamless tubing for columns, beams, horizontals, and diagonal bracing.
•Greater strength and higher resistance to damage then conventional rack.
•Vertically adjustable in 2” increments, uses a double locking slide pin.






SturdiBuilt•Features slots on the corners of the upright and unique safety wedge connectors.
•Vertically adjustable in 3” increments.







T Bolt•Front-end-only installation.
•Vertically adjustable in 3” increments.
•Rigid bolted connection.






Structural•Precise beam-to-frame bolted connections.
•Popular in the food distribution industry.
•Adjustability varies among manufacturers.
•Popular manufacturers include Frazier, Interlake, Dexco, USP, Inca, Artco, Steelking, and others.





Republic Keystone•Fast and easy to install.
Vertically adjustable in 3” increments.
•Keystone slots are punched in the area of least stress for maximum load capacity.
•Popular manufacturers include Republic Steel and Auto-Lok.





Penco•5 different load carrying ranges available.
•3 prong beam connection.
•Recessed beam locking key integral part of beam assembly.
•Vertically adjustable in 3” increments.





Paliter Keywhole•Wedge-type locking action secures arm to upright.
•Single or double-faced configurations available.
•Vertically adjustable in 2” increments.






Prest•Cold rolled posts and beams.
•Diagonal and horizontal bracing system.
•Patented beam-to-post connection “grips”
the post at the front and rear
•Vertically adjustable in 4” increments.





Palmer Shile•Upright slit and punched from behind to provide connection point for beams.
•Three hook beam design joins to face of upright.
•Beams are formed to “C” style.
•Vertically adjustable in 3” increments.





Unarco Slide n Lock•Double canted locking slot on face of upright.
•Cam action safety lock on beam to provide positive lock with upright.
•Vertically adjustable in 3” increments






Dexion Speed Lock•Uprights bolt together.
•Can be shipped knocked down to save freight.
•Available in double-triple, or four-hooked connector plates.
•Vertically adjustable in 3” increments.





Frick Gallagher•Wrap-around 3-lug connectors on beams fit into tapered slots on posts.
•Beams accommodate 3⁄4” deck surfaces.
•Vertically adjustable in 4” increments.






Buckley•Rollformed design popular in New England and Canada.
•Vertically adjustable in 3” – 4” increments

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