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Installation & Consultation @ Pallet Racking Plus

At Pallet Racking Plus, we can help. As One of the regions largest new and used material handling resources, We are staffed with project managers that have more than 15 years of experience in the Material Handling Industry. We have supervised and managed projects with multiple party scenarios and Interests. If an issue should arises, we have the experience to address the problem efficiently, keep the project on target, and ensure a timely and reliable outcome.

Consulting a Pallet Racking Plus Professional

With any new or existing facility there are issues to address that may not be apparent to an owner or manager. Our Professionals can handle everything from surveying the facility for ceiling height, sprinklers, heaters, pipes, and building columns to determining the type of lift equipment that will be used in the facility, which can have major ramifications on a pallet racking layout. All of these elements significantly affect the configuration of the racking or shelving systems; our Professionals know exactly what to look for.

Efficient Installation by a Pallet Racking Plus Crew

After an initial consultation process, we can develop and execute a plan for the installation. With time constraints of the project taken into account, we can leverage our resources to get the job done efficiently and on schedule. We coordinate everything from scheduling equipment required for safe completion of the installation, to analyzing material delivery schedules, given that too much or too little material can cause delays. From start to finish, we manage the actual installation process and interface with other trades on site as required.


Moving? Need Assistance?
Can’t take your Pallet Racking with you?

When companies move, they are sometimes not able to take their pallet rack or warehouse shelving with them. So what are they do with the leftover equipment. They can turn it into cash. Pallet Racking Plus will pay cash for your used equipment ,and we’ll also remove the systems as part of our deal. We pay within 24 hours and before we remove any equipment

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