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Northern Indiana’s largest material handling resource, Pallet Racking Plus, sells both new and used Pallet Racking, Cantilever Racking and Warehouse & Stockroom Shelving, as well as other new & used material handling equipment, to companies of all sizes and from all areas of warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing. Pallet Racking Plus is equipped to handle various aspects associated with a project, from design and configuration to shipping and installation. We can work with you to improve the organization, function, and atmosphere of your warehousing, distribution, and manufacturing facilities.

Pallet Racking Plus can assist those looking for a specific Brand of Pallet Rack or material handling equipment, as well as those planning to close, relocate, or move their warehousing and distribution operations. Our experience in the industry, on demand customer service, and extensive inventory has positioned Pallet Racking Plus as a leading material handling resource. We serve customers large and small both locally, and regionally in the midwest.

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Need Equipment Fast?

We stock both new and used equipment on hand for immediate delivery.

Capacity is more important than Price.

Buying the right rack for the application is your best investment. If you buy rack based on price you could be sacrificing Safety. Here at Pallet Racking Plus we believe in selling you a system based on your applications specific requirements. We can sell you lower cost racking based on condition and aesthetic but want it to be the right system for your application. Every Rack system may look very similar but knowing specifics about the gauge of steel and the Strength of a specific brand of rack is important to understanding its Capacity potential. Please consider the cost of safety when selecting your specific system.

Moving? Need Assistance?

Can’t take your Pallet Racking with you?

When companies move, they are sometimes not able to take their pallet rack or shelving with them. So what are they do with the leftover equipment. They can turn it into cash. Pallet Racking Plus will pay cash for your used equipment ,and we can also remove the systems as part of our deal. We pay within 24 hours and before we remove any equipment.

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